Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

Mistress Sophia was in the mood to try things she had never tried before. And that is how she found herself trying cum eating fetish. The mistress took some cum from a used condom her boyfriend had used and she got this guy to eat it. She had lied to the guy that she had a fetish for cum eating and if he ate the cum, he would turn her on and turn her into a sexual monster.

Lady Rockabella wanted to have this slave eat another man's cum and so she had the other guy cum in a cup and she then poured it on her feet. The mistress then had this slave lick the cum from her feet which she had made sure were also smelly. It was fun for her as she enjoyed watching the guy try his best to do what he had been instructed to do.

Lady Stefanie wanted to tame this guy but she knew it was not going to be easy. So she knew that she had to come up with a better way to get to him. She found the best way to do it and she used his own cum to dominate and to tame him. After she had made him jerk off, the mistress forced him to eat his own cum.

Lady Demona wanted to humiliate her boyfriend and she wanted to do it to him because he loved to jerk off and she wanted to make him stop. She felt that the best way to make him do so was to have him jerk off and once he had done so, make him eat his own cum. She made him do so three times and he never jerked off again.

Lady Maria wanted this guy to learn how to jerk off the way she wanted and so she gave him the jerk off instructions that she wanted him to follow and cum. She made sure he followed them and it helped that she showed him her tits. And after he had cum, he thought it was over but he was shocked when she asked him to eat his own cum and he had to.

This loser thought that he was mistress Saida's friend but it turned out he was not as she was more interested in what she wanted than what the guy wanted. And so she turned the guy into her guinea pig and that is how she tried cum eating fetish at his expense. She teased him, got him turned, had him use her cum to cum and then had him eat his own cum.

Mistress Isabella loves to make guys do naughty things. And sometimes she likes to make them do things which are humiliating to them and they have no choice but to do them. That is what happened today when the mistress had this guy eat another man's cum from a used condom and she even recorded it all. She had fucked another man and she came with the used condom for the loser to eat.

This mistress is as naughty as they come and today she wanted to make this guy to eat cum but for him to do that, she had to make sure he jerked off as she was not going to fuck him. She lied to him that she loved it when a guy jerked off to her instructions. She told him that it turned her on. So he did it and when he came, she lied to him some more and got him to eat his own cum but she was not turned on like she had told him.

Princess Kate did not want to have this slave bother her again so she used her big tits and her sexy body to tease him. He relaxed and thought that she wanted to fuck him but she was just preparing him for what she was about to do to him. She got the guy to jerk off to her instructions and when he was done, she gave him other instructions on how to eat his own cum.

Mistress Madison wanted this guy to jerk off but he did not want. So she teased him a little and he got into the mood. But he wanted to fuck her and not to jerk off. So she scared him with her huge strapon and he got scared and he did what she asked. And after he had jerked off and cum, she asked him to eat his own cum.

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