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This guy was a fan of mistress Amelia and he wrote to her and asked her to surprise him on his birthday. He expected a letter or a shoutout but instead she invited him to her house where he was given jerk off instructions after which he was made to eat his cum. He loved every bit of it as he was able to see her up close and almost naked.

Mistress Amelia did not want to please this client the way others did. He was a high value client and he had seen it all. So she did hers differently by turning him on. He loved her hot body and he thought he would get to fuck her for free like she did with others but not give them business. But she shocked him when she gave him herk off instructions while teasing him and then made him eat his own cum. He was shocked and knew she was different. He gave her the business.

Mistress Saida is out to make money and most of the time she does not care what she feels or what happens. She is only interested in how much money she can make as it enables her to live a good life where she can do anything or go anywhere she wants without any worries. So today she used her cum eating instructions to make money off this guy and she got a tidy sum.

Princess Melanie wanted to test whether her flirting and teasing prowess could make a guy eat another man's cum. She was dying to try it and see if she was indeed that captivating and that alluring as well as whether she was that enticing. So she teased this guy and enjoyed telling him naughty things. And when she felt she had him where she wanted, she had the guy eat another man's cum. He did not want but he did it for her.

This mistress felt that this guy would make a perfect puppet for her so she took advantage of his crush on her to have fun at his expense. What she wanted him to do was to eat his own cum so she teased him a little with her tits and he was turned on. He found himself doing all the things that she asked him without him. He was powerless against her and she had fun manipulating him.

This mistress wanted her slave to eat cum. She did not do it as punishment but rather because she was curious and she wanted him to do it. So she teased him and she got him turned on then she got him to believe that if he ate his own cum, she would fuck him. But instead of fucking him, she gave him a blowjob and told him that was enough.

This mistress was pissed by her slave to the extent that she wanted him to eat cum. And she did not even make him eat his own cum. She made him eat another man's cum from a used condom. This was done so that he realized he was not messing with an ordinary mistress but rather an angry and a disappointed one who was going to stop at nothing to ensure he learned his lesson.

Goddess Kiffa wanted to cuckold her husband for cheating and she did not hesitate to do it. She knew that he had to be punished cruelly for him to learn that he could not go on with that sort of behavior. The mistress forced him to lick her feet and those of the man she was fucking today. And when they were done fucking, he had to eat the other guy's cum.

Mistress Dana wanted to torture her ex and she used her cum eating fetish to torture him. She wanted to make sure he was degraded like never before and so she made her ex eat another man's cum. She poured it into a cup and she had him lick it and eat it. All this while she was teasing him but she also denied him so he was left high and dry.

Mistress Sophia was in the mood to try things she had never tried before. And that is how she found herself trying cum eating fetish. The mistress took some cum from a used condom her boyfriend had used and she got this guy to eat it. She had lied to the guy that she had a fetish for cum eating and if he ate the cum, he would turn her on and turn her into a sexual monster.

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