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Goddess Kiffa wanted this Santa to know that she was not the kind of girl who would be pissed and let it go. She had to humiliate him and she did so by giving him jerk off instructions. As he used them to cum, she switched her instructions to cum eating instructions. And the guy had to eat his own cum. The mistress laughed at him as he did so.

Goddess Kiffa does not like to be ignored and when this guy did it, he had himself to blame as she did not let him get away with what he had done. He was made to lick her feet which were dirty and when he was done, the mistress forced him to eat his own cum. He ate the cum after she had gotten him to jerk off and cum.

Goddess Kiffa knew that eating another man's cum was a degrading thing and that is what she made this loser to do. The mistress was so angry at him that she wanted him to learn a cruel and humiliating lesson and that is why she had him do it. He was shocked but he did what she asked as he knew if he did not, the punishment could be worse.

Goddess Kiffa was fed up with this guy's bullying. He did not bully her but he bullied others and she was not ok with that. She felt that he had to pay for his crimes so that he would stop being a bully. So she used a used condom to dominate and degrade him. She forced him to drink the cum in the used condom and that is how he learned his lesson and stopped bullying.

Goddess Kiffa wanted to cuckold her husband for cheating and she did not hesitate to do it. She knew that he had to be punished cruelly for him to learn that he could not go on with that sort of behavior. The mistress forced him to lick her feet and those of the man she was fucking today. And when they were done fucking, he had to eat the other guy's cum.

Goddess Kiffa did not want to give her ex any chance to mess with her. She did not want to give him any space at all and she used her cum eating instructions to dominate him. The mistress made him jerk off then eat his own cum and was warned that he would be made to eat another man's cum. She did it to degrade him and teach him a lesson like he had never been taught and humiliated before. He learned his lesson and he stopped bothering the mistress.

Goddess Kiffa was interested in killing boredom and she did it by forcing this guy to eat his own cum. But the mistress did not tease him to make him do it. She only had him lick her feet while she was lying on the couch. That way, he knew he would be punished if he messed with the mistress. He had to use his imagination and her instructions to cum and then eat it.

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