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Mistress Amelia has a thing for humiliating guys in authority and those who are successful. She loves to use her hot body and her naughtiness to achieve it. And what usually gives her more power to do so is the fact that she never wants anything from them. So they do not view her as a gold digger. She is fun to be around and this makes them fall for her tricks. Today she made her landlord eat his own cum after she teased him and made him jerk off.

Mistress Amelia knew that she needed to torture as well as humiliate this loser and she chose to use cum eating instruction to do it. So she sat him down and she explained to him what was going to happen. And she slapped him to make sure he understood what she said and that he was not dreaming. Then she went ahead to tease him and give him jerk off and cum eating instructions which he used to do what she wanted.

Goddess Kiffa did not want to give her ex any chance to mess with her. She did not want to give him any space at all and she used her cum eating instructions to dominate him. The mistress made him jerk off then eat his own cum and was warned that he would be made to eat another man's cum. She did it to degrade him and teach him a lesson like he had never been taught and humiliated before. He learned his lesson and he stopped bothering the mistress.

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