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Mistress Amelia felt that the best thing to do to this loser was to make him have cum eating instructions. And after he came, he had to eat his cum as she watched. The mistress was naughty but she made it clear that it was not optional. He had to do what she asked him to do and he did it as she watched and had a great time watching him do it all.

Mistress Enola has a gorgeous ass and she used it to bait this guy. And once she had done so, she had him do what she wanted which in this case was to make the guy cum by using her cum instructions. He had to follow them as advised and he did. Once he came, he was asked to eat her cum and he did not hesitate to do it.

Mistress Enola was not sure what to do with this slave as she had tried her best to educate him on what she wanted him to do but he did not seem to want to change. So she sent him a cruel message by forcing him to lick her feet as well as to use her jerk off instructions to cum and after he had gotten his orgasm, he had to eat his own cum.

Lady Despina loves to do crazy things and that is why she used her cum eating instruction to humiliate and torture this loser. The mistress was very interested in all of that as she was bored and humiliating him was to make him learn his lesson as well as to enable her have fun. The guy could not do anything about the humiliation he went through and he had to endure everything.

Princess Melanie likes to do crazy and naughty things and today was not an exception. She taught this guy how to jerk off as she teased him with her hot ass and the guy was so into what she did that he could not help but do what she asked. And after he came, she chased him away and told him that her work was done. He went away with a smile on his face

Princess Melanie wanted to test whether her flirting and teasing prowess could make a guy eat another man's cum. She was dying to try it and see if she was indeed that captivating and that alluring as well as whether she was that enticing. So she teased this guy and enjoyed telling him naughty things. And when she felt she had him where she wanted, she had the guy eat another man's cum. He did not want but he did it for her.

This guy tried to mess with this mistress and he regretted it immediately as she used her cum eating fetish to dominate him. The mistress got him to eat another man's cum and he had to do it from a used condom. He had never been as humiliated as he was that day. The mistress laughed at him and she told him to know who to mess with and who not to mess with.

Goddess Kiffa wanted to cuckold her husband for cheating and she did not hesitate to do it. She knew that he had to be punished cruelly for him to learn that he could not go on with that sort of behavior. The mistress forced him to lick her feet and those of the man she was fucking today. And when they were done fucking, he had to eat the other guy's cum.

Lady Shay wanted to make this guy eat cum and so she tricked him into thinking that it was her fetish and that it is what made her feel sexy and horny. So he did it thinking that she would do some nasty things to him but she did not. She just wanted to dominate him for her own fun and that is what she did to him and she laughed at him when he was done.

Madame Svea did not like how this guy behaved and she was pissed at him to the point that she had to punish him. The mistress felt that she had to degrade him and put him in his place and that is exactly what she did. He was shocked when she made him eat his own cum after she had forced him to use humiliating jerk off instructions to cum.

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