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Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

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Goddess Nika is never afraid of trying new things with and on her husband. She found out about cum eating instruction today and she wanted to give it a try and naturally she had to do it on her husband. So she drove him wild with desire and she teased him with her sexy ass and her inviting holes. He wanted her but instead, she made him jerk off to her instructions and he had to also eat his own cum.

Goddess Nika was shocked to learn that this guy was a cum eater. And she had to find out for herself whether it was true. So she had the guy eat cum as she watched. She even teased him with her pussy to make it easier for him to do it. When he finally did it, she could not believe that he had done it. She then chased him from her house as he was a weirdo.

Goddess Nika was shocked to learn that her slave had eyes on him and he wanted to have fun with her in the form of fucking her. She did not want him to ever have such a thought and that is why she came with a used condom and she forced him to drink the contents. He was degraded but he knew better than to expect to have sex with her.

Goddess Nika did not need to torture this guy to make him eat her cum. All she did was to flaunt her hot ass at him and to turn him on. Once he was turned on, she controlled him. And it was that control she had over him that made him do what she wanted. The guy had no choice but to do all that he had been ordered to do.

This guy had never had fun with a hot girl before. Goddess Nika could see how he was mesmerized by her and she felt she had to do something. The mistress teased him a little and showed off her hot tits and her sexy ass. He was so horny that he nearly came just by looking at her naked body. But she gave him jerk off instructions and asked him to eat his cum. He did so happily.

Goddess Nika wanted these guys to eat their own cum. And she gave them instructions to that effect. But instead of them doing everything as she continued giving instructions, she gave them the instructions and when she was done, she asked them to implement them. So they had to remember what she told them as they jerked off and when they were done, they ate their own cum. She told them next time they would each other's cum.

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