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Mistress Amelia and her boyfriend wanted to have fun in the house. It was snowing outside and no one wanted to get out. So they did what they do best and they decided to be naughty. She went first and she teased her man and she gave him jerk off instructions so that he could cum and then eat his own cum still as per her instructions. It was actually a lot more fun than they had anticipated it to be.

Mistress Ellie loves to have fun and when she is not at work, she does not care about anyone's status. When her boss tried to hit on her, she did not care that he was her boss. She treated him like she does all other men and she gave him jerk off instructions which he used to cum and then got him to eat that cum. But he did not fuck her.

Mistress Ellie wanted this guy to eat cum so she had to show him how to jerk off to her instructions first because he had to cum and it was not going to be through having sex with her. That is why she had him jerk off and after he came, then he had to eat it the way she had shown him. She had fun watching him do it all.

This mistress was a secretary and she was having an affair with her boss. She loved the fact that he showered her with money besides fucking her good. He told her he wanted her to be naughtier and wilder so she agreed and she did it. So the mistress turned on him and she made him jerk off to her instructions and when he was done, he had to eat his own cum. He loved it.

Mistress Skyla loves to make guys have fun and one of the best ways for her to do that is to make her eat her cum. This guy was overwhelmed by the naughtiness of this mistress as well as how she talked dirty and gave him jerk off instructions which he used to cum. She seemed to enjoy what he did but she did not join him in his efforts to cum.

Mistress X loves to get guys to do things for her own fun. She usually baits them with her sexy body as well as her naughtiness and she not only turns them on, but she also gets them to jerk off to her instructions. And today she went further and got this guy to eat his own cum. She warned him that if he refused, he would be made to eat someone else's. So he ate his own.

Mistress Amelia felt that the best thing to do to this loser was to make him have cum eating instructions. And after he came, he had to eat his cum as she watched. The mistress was naughty but she made it clear that it was not optional. He had to do what she asked him to do and he did it as she watched and had a great time watching him do it all.

Goddess Andreea is the kind of person who loves to punish and do it in a cruel way so that it is never forgotten. That is why the mistress made these two losers suck each other's dicks even though they were both straight and to make it even worse, she made sure they came into each other's mouth and each one of them was obligated to swallow the cum in their mouth.

Mistress Enola was interested in teaching this guy a lesson he had never been taught before. And that is why she felt that she had to use cum eating to punish him. The mistress got the guy to lick his own cum after she had given him instructions on what to do. She shocked him to the core and he learned his lesson the hard way and never messed again.

Princess Melanie wanted to test whether her flirting and teasing prowess could make a guy eat another man's cum. She was dying to try it and see if she was indeed that captivating and that alluring as well as whether she was that enticing. So she teased this guy and enjoyed telling him naughty things. And when she felt she had him where she wanted, she had the guy eat another man's cum. He did not want but he did it for her.

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