Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

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This mistress was pissed at her husband but she did not show him. She instead teased him and had him believe that she was interested in having sex with him. So she teased him and turned him on before she gave him cum eating instructions. When he tried to refuse, she threatened to crush his balls as he was tied up. He had to eat his own cum and that was when he realized he had pissed her off and that was his punishment.

This guy had never had fun with a hot girl before. Goddess Nika could see how he was mesmerized by her and she felt she had to do something. The mistress teased him a little and showed off her hot tits and her sexy ass. He was so horny that he nearly came just by looking at her naked body. But she gave him jerk off instructions and asked him to eat his cum. He did so happily.

Goddess Jordan Black loves to ride a dildo. But today she was not using it on herself. She used it to play with this loser and humiliate him. She had him jerk off to her instructions and when he had cum, she made him eat his own cum. She made him cum in a condom and then she showed him how she wanted him to suck the cum out of the condom.

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