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Mistress Amelia knew her husband was horny and she remembered he wanted to make things a little spicier in the bedroom department. So she did what she had never done with him before and he made him jerk off after which she had him lick his own cum and then swallow it. He had to get a taste of the cum he loved asking her to swallow. It was epic.

Mistress X loves to get guys to do things for her own fun. She usually baits them with her sexy body as well as her naughtiness and she not only turns them on, but she also gets them to jerk off to her instructions. And today she went further and got this guy to eat his own cum. She warned him that if he refused, he would be made to eat someone else's. So he ate his own.

Goddess Andreea is the kind of person who loves to punish and do it in a cruel way so that it is never forgotten. That is why the mistress made these two losers suck each other's dicks even though they were both straight and to make it even worse, she made sure they came into each other's mouth and each one of them was obligated to swallow the cum in their mouth.

Mistress Andreea does not forgive or forget when someone pisses her off. That is why she had to punish this guy for pissing her off. The mistress went ahead to force the losers to eat their own cum. But that was after she had used her strapon to fuck them in the ass. They learned their lesson the hard way and never messed with her again because they knew what she was capable of.

Princess Melanie likes to do crazy and naughty things and today was not an exception. She taught this guy how to jerk off as she teased him with her hot ass and the guy was so into what she did that he could not help but do what she asked. And after he came, she chased him away and told him that her work was done. He went away with a smile on his face

Princess Melanie did not want this guy to know that he had eaten another man's cum. She had turned it into a drink and added some liquor and it disguised the taste. She made fun of him days later and told him what he had drank. And the guy was so pissed that he felt like puking but it was too late and he could not change anything. He told the mistress to be ready for her revenge.

This mistress wanted her slave to eat cum. She did not do it as punishment but rather because she was curious and she wanted him to do it. So she teased him and she got him turned on then she got him to believe that if he ate his own cum, she would fuck him. But instead of fucking him, she gave him a blowjob and told him that was enough.

Lady Rockabella collected cum into a cup and she waited for her slave to be hungry or thirsty. She knew he had a healthy appetite and it would not be long before that happened. And it happened soon enough. He asked her for food and she gave him the cum to eat. He was shocked and he tried to refuse but she would not hear any of it. He had to eat it and swallow it.

Mistress Sophia knew that this guy was naughty and she used her naughtiness to get business from him. She had studied him and she made sure she appeared hot and sexy. And she did not give any hint that she knew him or she was interested in anything from him. And he approached her and she showed him her naughty and kinky side even going as far as making him cum and getting him to eat his own cum. He was into her and as he got to know more about her, she landed the deal effortlessly.

Mistress Harley had this guy ogle at her big tits when she teased him with them. And she had him so turned on that he could not avoid to cum. And to make it worse, she gave him jerk off instructions and she had fun watching him enjoy himself. And that was when she made him eat his own cum. She forced him to do it and had fun watching him eat it.

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