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Mistress Saida wanted this guy to learn to eat cum because he was a sissy and she used a dildo to show him how it was done. He thought she was joking but she was not because when she was done showing how she wanted it to be done, she went ahead to ask him to do it. She even had a used condom which had cum for him to drink.

Mistress Saida wanted to find a way to dominate as well as humiliate this loser and she felt that the best way to get her way was to get this guy eat his own cum. So she dominated the guy by first of all making him use her cum instructions and then when he came, he had to collect the cum and eat it as she watched. It was both fun for her and it achieved what she aimed to achieve.

Mistress Saida is out to make money and most of the time she does not care what she feels or what happens. She is only interested in how much money she can make as it enables her to live a good life where she can do anything or go anywhere she wants without any worries. So today she used her cum eating instructions to make money off this guy and she got a tidy sum.

Mistress Saida was curious as to how her own cum tasted. So she took out her vibrator and went to work on her pussy. She then fingered herself and she tasted her cum after she had an orgasm. But she was not done as she wore a strapon and asked this guy to jerk off then taste his own cum. She wanted to find out whether his taste and her taste were the same.

This guy had pissed mistress Saida off and she wanted to humiliate him for her own fun. That is why she chose to humiliate him and she wanted it to be a painless affair. So the mistress turned him on wit her seductiveness and her big tits. Then she had him jerk off and when he came, she made him eat his own cum. It was humiliating but he had to do it.

This loser thought that he was mistress Saida's friend but it turned out he was not as she was more interested in what she wanted than what the guy wanted. And so she turned the guy into her guinea pig and that is how she tried cum eating fetish at his expense. She teased him, got him turned, had him use her cum to cum and then had him eat his own cum.

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