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Mistress Amelia did not want to please this client the way others did. He was a high value client and he had seen it all. So she did hers differently by turning him on. He loved her hot body and he thought he would get to fuck her for free like she did with others but not give them business. But she shocked him when she gave him herk off instructions while teasing him and then made him eat his own cum. He was shocked and knew she was different. He gave her the business.

Goddess Nika did not need to torture this guy to make him eat her cum. All she did was to flaunt her hot ass at him and to turn him on. Once he was turned on, she controlled him. And it was that control she had over him that made him do what she wanted. The guy had no choice but to do all that he had been ordered to do.

Mistress Jane had a client who had a partner who had a fetish for eating cum and wanted his cum eaten and swallowed. But her client had never done so and was uncomfortable with the whole thing. However, the client wanted to give it a try and so mistress Jane coached the client on how to do it and even came with a sample for the client to try with.

Goddess Nika wanted these guys to eat their own cum. And she gave them instructions to that effect. But instead of them doing everything as she continued giving instructions, she gave them the instructions and when she was done, she asked them to implement them. So they had to remember what she told them as they jerked off and when they were done, they ate their own cum. She told them next time they would each other's cum.

Lady Rockabella wanted to have this slave eat another man's cum and so she had the other guy cum in a cup and she then poured it on her feet. The mistress then had this slave lick the cum from her feet which she had made sure were also smelly. It was fun for her as she enjoyed watching the guy try his best to do what he had been instructed to do.

Goddess Amira felt that her slave had not been honest with her and as his punishment, she wanted him to eat his own cum. She did not even bother to tease him with her naked body or in sexy lingerie. She was fully clothed but she made some sexy moves for him and she let him use her cleavage to imagine other things and carry out her cum instructions. She then made him eat his own cum when he came.

Empress Viktoriya wanted her slave to eat his own cum as punishment so she wore sexy lingerie and she teased him. He had never seen her that way before and he was so turned on. He was nearly cumming yet she had not done anything to him. She asked him to jerk off to her instructions and he came within a few minutes. She also got him to eat his own cum.

Goddess Amira wanted this loser to learn a lesson so she degraded him for fun while teaching him that lesson. She used her feet to humiliate him and when she was done with him, she had the poor guy jerk off. Once he had done, she watched as he ate his own cum. She gave him instructions on how to do it and he followed the instructions to the letter.

Mistress Redhead wanted her slave to eat his own cum. And before she got him to do it, she had him lick the floor, lick the soles of her shoes as well as lick her stinky feet. She was not done with him yet as she slapped him brutally. She then asked him to jerk off and when he had cum, she asked him to eat his own cum. He did.

Mistress Harley is an awesome girl with an amazing body. She enjoys luring guys with it and teasing them then denying them. She loves how they beg her to do something for them. She did that to this guy and while he begged her, she gave him jerk off instructions. He was glad and thought he was at least getting something out of it. But she turned to him and gave him cum eating instructions too.

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