Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

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Lady Ashley wanted to drive this guy wild because she knew that he had a thing for her. She had time on her hands and she used that time to make him get turned on. So she put on a show with her sexy body and she did it while wearing a see-through bra and thong. She made him imagine all the things he could do with her, got him to jerk off and had him eat cum.

Mistress Ellie wanted this guy to eat his own cum and she knew that she had to entice him in order for it to work out. So she used her sexy charm and her hot body to tease him and to have him eat cum. The naughty mistress wanted the guy to start with his own cum and then next time get him to do it using someone else's cum.

Lady Ashley had an issue with her boss. She knew he wanted her sexually but she also knew that she was not going to stay there for long because the working environment was not good. So she used her cum eating fetish to humiliate him without him knowing and to have fun at his expense. Lady Ashley got him to shower her with money and then she quit her job.

Mistress Sophia wanted to get this guy to eat her cum and she knew that she had to give him an incentive for him to do it. The mistress gave him jerk off instructions and in addition to the jerk off instructions, she also gave him cum eating instructions. He did not want to do that but it felt so naughty and so good that he went along with it.

Goddess Corinna has an amazing butt and she caught her slave checking it out and she could tell he was turned on. So she took advantage of that to tease him and she had him jerk off to her instructions. After he came, she also gave him instructions on how he would eat his own cum and he did. She loved it and knew she would do it again to someone else.

Goddess Nika is never afraid of trying new things with and on her husband. She found out about cum eating instruction today and she wanted to give it a try and naturally she had to do it on her husband. So she drove him wild with desire and she teased him with her sexy ass and her inviting holes. He wanted her but instead, she made him jerk off to her instructions and he had to also eat his own cum.

Goddess Kiffa does not like to be ignored and when this guy did it, he had himself to blame as she did not let him get away with what he had done. He was made to lick her feet which were dirty and when he was done, the mistress forced him to eat his own cum. He ate the cum after she had gotten him to jerk off and cum.

Goddess Kiffa knew that eating another man's cum was a degrading thing and that is what she made this loser to do. The mistress was so angry at him that she wanted him to learn a cruel and humiliating lesson and that is why she had him do it. He was shocked but he did what she asked as he knew if he did not, the punishment could be worse.

Mistress Saida wanted this guy to learn to eat cum because he was a sissy and she used a dildo to show him how it was done. He thought she was joking but she was not because when she was done showing how she wanted it to be done, she went ahead to ask him to do it. She even had a used condom which had cum for him to drink.

Goddess Nika was shocked to learn that her slave had eyes on him and he wanted to have fun with her in the form of fucking her. She did not want him to ever have such a thought and that is why she came with a used condom and she forced him to drink the contents. He was degraded but he knew better than to expect to have sex with her.

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