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Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

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Lady Stefanie wanted to make this guy eat cum. He was a lazy slave and she did not like how he acted. So she had to punish him in a way he had never been punished before. She came with a used condom and she forced him to drink the contents. He tried to refuse and so she switched to fucking him in the ass with her strapon. He could not do anything about it.

Mistress Ellie and her friend mistress Sydney wanted to try a cum eating threesome. The guy thought he would get to fuck them but they did not want any of that. Instead of that, the mistresses flaunted their hot bodies and pussies on his face and he was super turned on. Then they masturbated as he watched and he was asked to do the same with their instructions. Then he was made to eat all of that cum.

Goddess Kiffa wanted to cuckold her husband for cheating and she did not hesitate to do it. She knew that he had to be punished cruelly for him to learn that he could not go on with that sort of behavior. The mistress forced him to lick her feet and those of the man she was fucking today. And when they were done fucking, he had to eat the other guy's cum.

This guy was so into madame Svea that she knew he was willing to do anything for her. And that is how she got him to try cum eating. She made him think that she had a thing for a man who ate his own cum and that is how the guy jerked off for her and he ate his own cum for her to be turned on like she had told him.

Mistress Rousson loves to give guys jerk off instructions. That is the best she can do to them because she cannot fuck most of them. But she has to have something in it for her and this time she got this guy to eat his own cum after she had gotten him to cum using her joi. She degraded the guy cruelly and had fun doing it. He enjoyed the jerk off part but not the cum eating bit.

Mistress Ava Black wanted to punish her slave using a different method. She was afraid he would get used to the way she punished him and that would make her punishments less effective. When she was punishing him today, she used a total different punishment and he was shocked. He expected pain but she gave him cum eating instructions which he had to follow to the letter after he had jerked off.

Mistress Taylor loves to give out instructions. These instructions can be about anything. Today she got bored and she chose to try something different. She called this loser and she gave him cum eating instructions. For him, she did not bother to make him eat someone else's cum. She made him eat his own cum. She teased him, made him jerk off and when he came, she got him to eat his own cum.

Mistress Emily Jones has a gorgeous ass and she is not afraid to use it for her own enjoyment. She enjoys making guys do things and today she made this guy eat his own cum. This is after she had teased him and got him to jerk off. She told him if he did not eat it, she would make him eat another man's cum. He ate his own to avoid eating someone else's.

Mistress Lindsey Leigh wanted to test her sexiness. She knew she was sexy but she wanted to find out whether she was the kind of sexy that could make a guy do what he did not want without forcing him to do it. So she teased this guy and she turned him on. Then she asked him to eat his own cum and the guy was so into her that he did.

Goddess Saffron wanted to test her hypnosis skills. She used them to hypnotize this guy and it worked. She took it a step further by asking him to eat his own cum. She made him believe it was food and the poor guy ate it all and licked his fingers because while she controlled him, she made him believe it was delicious. Then she wiped it from his memory when he was done.

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