Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

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Mistress Valentina had this guy where she wanted him to be. He was turned on seeing her hot body especially tattoos and big tits. He wanted her but that was not an option. So he was forced to jerk off and she was gracious enough to give him jerk off instructions. Besides that, the mistress told him to eat his cum or someone else's and he chose to eat his own cum.

This mistress was paid to torture this guy and she did not disappoint. The mistress did not bother preoccupying herself with what he had done or not done. She was only interested with the fact that she punished him and got him to make the necessary changes. That was all she cared about and that is what she ensured he did. The cum eating instructions helped her in achieving this.

Mistress Ellie was interested in this guy and she wanted him to be her boyfriend. But to make sure that he understood what he would be missing if he did not date her, she put on a show for him and he saw how naughty and kinky she was sexually. She did this without touching him. He saw her fine body as well and he wanted to nail her so bad but she did not let him. Instead, she gave him cum eating instructions.

This guy acted like he was beyond temptations and this mistress did not feel like he was being true. So she put him to the test by teasing him with her naughtiness and her amazing body. He loved seeing what she did and was drawn to her hot body. And when he got turned on, she gave him cum instructions which he used to cum. She then made him eat that cum.

Lady Ashley wanted to drive this guy wild because she knew that he had a thing for her. She had time on her hands and she used that time to make him get turned on. So she put on a show with her sexy body and she did it while wearing a see-through bra and thong. She made him imagine all the things he could do with her, got him to jerk off and had him eat cum.

This mistress wanted to have fun with her naughty neighbor. He thought she had a thing for him and that she would fuck him but she had other ideas. Instead of fucking him, she got him to check out her massive tits and she gave him jerk off instructions which he used to cum after which he had to eat his own cum. She loved it and even recorded it.

This mistress is always naughty and today the recipient of her naughtiness was her slave. She teased him and showed him her tits and her curvy and sexy ass. He loved everything and had the hardest hardon he has ever had in his life. As she played with her pussy, she got discharge and a mixture of her cum in her panties which she gave her slave to lick and eat.

This mistress has big tits and she likes to show them off. She is also a naughty girl and she knows how to use her kinkiness to get guys to have fun and to want to do some crazy things with her. So today the mistress had the guy watch as she teased him while playing with her pussy and her tits. She then gave him cum instructions and he followed them.

Goddess Kiffa does not like to be ignored and when this guy did it, he had himself to blame as she did not let him get away with what he had done. He was made to lick her feet which were dirty and when he was done, the mistress forced him to eat his own cum. He ate the cum after she had gotten him to jerk off and cum.

Mistress Saida wanted this guy to learn to eat cum because he was a sissy and she used a dildo to show him how it was done. He thought she was joking but she was not because when she was done showing how she wanted it to be done, she went ahead to ask him to do it. She even had a used condom which had cum for him to drink.

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