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Mistress Ellie knew this guy was infatuated with her and she knew that that made him easy to control. That is why the mistress felt that the best way for him to be under her and for her to control him, she had to make sure he saw how naughty she was and how sexy a body she had. And when he got turned on, she got him to eat cum using her cum eating instructions.

This guy acted like he was beyond temptations and this mistress did not feel like he was being true. So she put him to the test by teasing him with her naughtiness and her amazing body. He loved seeing what she did and was drawn to her hot body. And when he got turned on, she gave him cum instructions which he used to cum. She then made him eat that cum.

When mistress Ellie learned that it was her admirer's birthday, she knew that she had to do something naughty and kinky for him. She showed him tits, played with her pussy but over her thong and she had him check out her ass before she had him jerk off to her instructions. He loved it all until she asked him to eat cum. He was surprised and did not know how to react.

Lady Ashley wanted to drive this guy wild because she knew that he had a thing for her. She had time on her hands and she used that time to make him get turned on. So she put on a show with her sexy body and she did it while wearing a see-through bra and thong. She made him imagine all the things he could do with her, got him to jerk off and had him eat cum.

Mistress Sophia wanted to get this guy to eat her cum and she knew that she had to give him an incentive for him to do it. The mistress gave him jerk off instructions and in addition to the jerk off instructions, she also gave him cum eating instructions. He did not want to do that but it felt so naughty and so good that he went along with it.

Mistress Anya has never given anyone a handjob before but she was dying to try it. She did not know who to try it on so she went and bought a dildo which she tried it on. She had fun tugging it and running her hands on it. It was fun although the dildo could not cum. She tried various techniques she had seen online and knew she would excel at it.

Goddess Corinna has an amazing butt and she caught her slave checking it out and she could tell he was turned on. So she took advantage of that to tease him and she had him jerk off to her instructions. After he came, she also gave him instructions on how he would eat his own cum and he did. She loved it and knew she would do it again to someone else.

Mistress Emilia wanted to see a guy eat a combination of her cream as she was a creamer and his own cum. So she teased this guy and drove him wild. She then fucked him but she did not let him cum. Instead, she had him pull out before he came and she had already creamed. So she had him eat both of them and she had him tell her how it tasted.

This mistress has big tits and she likes to show them off. She is also a naughty girl and she knows how to use her kinkiness to get guys to have fun and to want to do some crazy things with her. So today the mistress had the guy watch as she teased him while playing with her pussy and her tits. She then gave him cum instructions and he followed them.

Lady Ashley had to make her ex regret why he had cheated on her. She waited until he wanted her back because she knew he would and then she made him eat another man's cum. And he had to do it from a used condom. He was shocked at what she did to him but she did not care and she was satisfied with what she had done to him.

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