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Mistress Ellie and her friend mistress Sydney wanted to try a cum eating threesome. The guy thought he would get to fuck them but they did not want any of that. Instead of that, the mistresses flaunted their hot bodies and pussies on his face and he was super turned on. Then they masturbated as he watched and he was asked to do the same with their instructions. Then he was made to eat all of that cum.

This mistress wanted to get her slave to feel good about what he had done and so the mistress gave him her creamed panties and she asked him to lick them. In short, he had to eat her cum as she had masturbated while wearing her panties. He was so turned on as she gave him instructions on how to do it. He did it and she added his own cum instructions and he had a great climax.

Mistress Ellie wanted this guy to eat his own cum and she knew that she had to entice him in order for it to work out. So she used her sexy charm and her hot body to tease him and to have him eat cum. The naughty mistress wanted the guy to start with his own cum and then next time get him to do it using someone else's cum.

Lady Ashley had an issue with her boss. She knew he wanted her sexually but she also knew that she was not going to stay there for long because the working environment was not good. So she used her cum eating fetish to humiliate him without him knowing and to have fun at his expense. Lady Ashley got him to shower her with money and then she quit her job.

This mistress wanted to have fun with her naughty neighbor. He thought she had a thing for him and that she would fuck him but she had other ideas. Instead of fucking him, she got him to check out her massive tits and she gave him jerk off instructions which he used to cum after which he had to eat his own cum. She loved it and even recorded it.

This guy loves to masturbate and lady Ashley knew about it because she had caught him a few times. She had to make him try something new which she had come up with out of boredom. She teased him especially with her ass as she showed it to him and wiggled it for him while talking dirty to him. She then gave him jerk off instructions which he used to cum and when he did, she had him eat his own cum.

Lady Shay wanted to reward this guy with cum and so she gave him jerk off instructions. He did not get the benefit of being able to check out her sexy body or seeing her naked. So he had to work with what she told him and be imaginative about it. After he came, the mistress asked him to eat his own cum and he did it as he had no choice.

Goddess Kiffa was fed up with this guy's bullying. He did not bully her but he bullied others and she was not ok with that. She felt that he had to pay for his crimes so that he would stop being a bully. So she used a used condom to dominate and degrade him. She forced him to drink the cum in the used condom and that is how he learned his lesson and stopped bullying.

This mistress is against bullying and she did not like it when she found out that she lived in the same neighborhood with a bully. He was not remorseful about what he did and she was not going to let him get away with it. So she used her cum eating fetish to punish him. She led him to believe that they would have sex but he ended up jerking off and eating his own cum.

Mistress Amelia and her boyfriend wanted to have fun in the house. It was snowing outside and no one wanted to get out. So they did what they do best and they decided to be naughty. She went first and she teased her man and she gave him jerk off instructions so that he could cum and then eat his own cum still as per her instructions. It was actually a lot more fun than they had anticipated it to be.

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