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Mistress Amelia and her boyfriend wanted to have fun in the house. It was snowing outside and no one wanted to get out. So they did what they do best and they decided to be naughty. She went first and she teased her man and she gave him jerk off instructions so that he could cum and then eat his own cum still as per her instructions. It was actually a lot more fun than they had anticipated it to be.

Mistress Amelia knew that she needed to torture as well as humiliate this loser and she chose to use cum eating instruction to do it. So she sat him down and she explained to him what was going to happen. And she slapped him to make sure he understood what she said and that he was not dreaming. Then she went ahead to tease him and give him jerk off and cum eating instructions which he used to do what she wanted.

This mistress was a secretary and she was having an affair with her boss. She loved the fact that he showered her with money besides fucking her good. He told her he wanted her to be naughtier and wilder so she agreed and she did it. So the mistress turned on him and she made him jerk off to her instructions and when he was done, he had to eat his own cum. He loved it.

Mistress Skyla loves to make guys have fun and one of the best ways for her to do that is to make her eat her cum. This guy was overwhelmed by the naughtiness of this mistress as well as how she talked dirty and gave him jerk off instructions which he used to cum. She seemed to enjoy what he did but she did not join him in his efforts to cum.

Mistress Ellie is the kind of person who loves to do some crazy things for fun. That is why she went out of her way to have a great time at the expense of this guy by making him eat his own cum. She was doing it for fun and she teased him with her hot ass and her big round tits. He was turned on as she did her thing and he jerked off to her instructions and he came. Then she made him eat his own cum.

Mistress Saida is out to make money and most of the time she does not care what she feels or what happens. She is only interested in how much money she can make as it enables her to live a good life where she can do anything or go anywhere she wants without any worries. So today she used her cum eating instructions to make money off this guy and she got a tidy sum.

This guy was having a hard time cumming from his masturbation and he needed something to help him finish things off. This mistress knew that he had a thing for her so she showed off her hot ass and her puss. She even showed him her asshole and she did not need to do any more. He was super turned on and as he stroked his dick, he came within minutes. And when she asked him to eat the cum, he did without question.

This mistress felt that this guy would make a perfect puppet for her so she took advantage of his crush on her to have fun at his expense. What she wanted him to do was to eat his own cum so she teased him a little with her tits and he was turned on. He found himself doing all the things that she asked him without him. He was powerless against her and she had fun manipulating him.

Many people think of cum as a way to have fun and it evokes naughty and fun memories. But lady Rockabella found a way to make it a punishment. She teased this guy and got him to cum and then she had him eat his own cum. When he was done, she had him eat cum from a used condom she had with her. He could not afford to say no to her.

Mistress Dana teased this guy and she laughed at him as he got turned on but she did not make it obvious that she was laughing at him. She made it seem like she was laughing with him and having fun with him. But she teased him and when he got turned on, she made him eat his own cum. She then denied him but at least he had cum.

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