Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

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Mistress Ellie wanted this guy to eat cum so she had to show him how to jerk off to her instructions first because he had to cum and it was not going to be through having sex with her. That is why she had him jerk off and after he came, then he had to eat it the way she had shown him. She had fun watching him do it all.

Mistress X loves to get guys to do things for her own fun. She usually baits them with her sexy body as well as her naughtiness and she not only turns them on, but she also gets them to jerk off to her instructions. And today she went further and got this guy to eat his own cum. She warned him that if he refused, he would be made to eat someone else's. So he ate his own.

Mistress Amelia felt that the best thing to do to this loser was to make him have cum eating instructions. And after he came, he had to eat his cum as she watched. The mistress was naughty but she made it clear that it was not optional. He had to do what she asked him to do and he did it as she watched and had a great time watching him do it all.

Princess Melanie has a body that is to die for. She has perfect and firm tits. They are not too big and not too small either. She has an ass you see and want to lick, eat and smash. And she is naughty to boot. That is why she found it easy to turn this guy on and have him jerk off. Once he had cum, she had him eat his own cum.

Lady Rockabella collected cum into a cup and she waited for her slave to be hungry or thirsty. She knew he had a healthy appetite and it would not be long before that happened. And it happened soon enough. He asked her for food and she gave him the cum to eat. He was shocked and he tried to refuse but she would not hear any of it. He had to eat it and swallow it.

Mistress Harley had this guy ogle at her big tits when she teased him with them. And she had him so turned on that he could not avoid to cum. And to make it worse, she gave him jerk off instructions and she had fun watching him enjoy himself. And that was when she made him eat his own cum. She forced him to do it and had fun watching him eat it.

Mistress Emily is the kind of person who likes to do crazy things and today was no exception. The mistress had beef with this guy and she felt that she had to teach him a lesson and that is exactly what she did. The mistress forced this guy to eat her boyfriend's cum which was still in a used condom. It was degrading but the guy had no option other than doing what she ordered him to do.

Goddess Amira wanted this loser to learn a lesson so she degraded him for fun while teaching him that lesson. She used her feet to humiliate him and when she was done with him, she had the poor guy jerk off. Once he had done, she watched as he ate his own cum. She gave him instructions on how to do it and he followed the instructions to the letter.

Mistress Lindsey Leigh loves to mess with guys. If she likes you, she will get freaky with you. If she does not like you, she will tease and deny you then humiliate you. She did not like this guy so she teased him with her gorgeous ass. She then went ahead to give him jerk off instructions and when he came, she gave him cum eating instructions. The guy was degraded like never before.

Mistress Taylor was bored in the house and she had someone she could humiliate. So she did not waste any time humiliating him. She turned on the poor guy and she waited for him to get horny and then controlled him. She was in total control of him and she made him jerk off to her instructions. When he was done, she also gave him cum eating instructions and he had to do what she ordered.

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