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Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

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Mistress Lindsey Leigh loves to mess with guys. If she likes you, she will get freaky with you. If she does not like you, she will tease and deny you then humiliate you. She did not like this guy so she teased him with her gorgeous ass. She then went ahead to give him jerk off instructions and when he came, she gave him cum eating instructions. The guy was degraded like never before.

Mistress Lindsey Leigh was going through her bucket list and she realized she had never made a guy eat his own cum. It was one of the easy things she had not yet done and she decided to do it that same day. She teased a guy online and he went to her house knowing he was going to have a wild time with her. It was a wild time alright, but not the kind he had in mind. He did not sleep with her but he swallowed his own cum.

Mistress Lindsey Leigh wanted to test her sexiness. She knew she was sexy but she wanted to find out whether she was the kind of sexy that could make a guy do what he did not want without forcing him to do it. So she teased this guy and she turned him on. Then she asked him to eat his own cum and the guy was so into her that he did.

Mistress Lindsey Leigh wanted to learn get her slave to eat cum. So she teased him and she got him horny. She gave him jerk off instructions for him to use to cum and he used them. She also gave him a place to cum in and collect the cum. When he was done, she turned on him and she had him eat his own cum. She loved watching him do it.

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