Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

Mistress Kitty Devine likes to torture guys for her own enjoyment. She does not do it as punishment or as revenge. She does it for fun. Today she teased this guy and told him if he blew her mind, she would fuck him. So she gave him a challenge and it was to eat another man's cum which she had in a condom and the guy did it hoping to fuck her.

Mistress Kira and this guy were enemies. She had to revenge on something he had done to her. She had sex with her boyfriend using a condom and she took the condom and she used to torture and degrade her enemy. She forced him to eat the cum inside the condom or else she would crush his balls with her high heels. He chose to eat the cum to avoid ballbusting.

Mistress Harley has big tits and she loves to use them to have fun. She knows guys love looking at them and they would love nothing better than to fuck them and to bury their faces in them. She also has a nice ass that they would love to do the same things to. Today she tried something new as she made this guy cum and then eat his own cum after she lied to him that it was her fetish.

Mistress Ava Black and her friend wanted to try something new. They had done so many things but they wanted to find something they had never tried and do it. They brainstormed and agreed to make a loser eat his own cum. So they lured him with promises of a threesome and they used their lingerie and naughtiness to get him horny then have him jerk off. They then forced him to lick and eat his own cum.

Mistress Lindsey Leigh wanted to learn get her slave to eat cum. So she teased him and she got him horny. She gave him jerk off instructions for him to use to cum and he used them. She also gave him a place to cum in and collect the cum. When he was done, she turned on him and she had him eat his own cum. She loved watching him do it.

This mistress wanted to force this loser to do what she wanted. She had never seen a man eat cum and she wanted to witness it today. She used her sexy charm to tease the guy and to control him. She gained total control over him as he was horny. And then she got him to eat the cum and not only eat it, but also do it according to her instructions.

When it comes to forcing guys to do what they do not like, this mistress is one of the best. She knew this guy did not like to give head but she forced him to do it. She got the guy to do what she wanted and she did it by teasing him and then making him lick and eat her pussy discharge and her cum after he had licked her pussy.

Mistress Alisandra is a kinky girl. She likes to have all kinds of fun and today she had fun with this loser. She told him she loved it when a man ate another man's cum and that that was the way to her pussy. The man found it hard and weird but since he wanted to fuck her, he followed her cum eating instructions. He was shocked when he learned she was messing with him.

Mistress Annabel wanted this loser to eat cum. She felt that that was the best way to dominate and humiliate him. She teased him and she gave him jerk off instructions. She then made him cum in a container. She took it and mixed his cum with another man's cum and she made the guy lick and drink the mixture. He was shocked at what he was required to do but he did it.

Mistress Tiffany loves to give people instructions. She is a bossy mistress and that is why she loves to give cum instructions. She likes to control people and that is one way she found that is easy to control people because they think they are having fun with her while in fact she was humiliating them. She made this do crazy things to himself and all this while she was having fun at his expense.

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