Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

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Mistress Tiffany and her friend wanted to try cum eating and that is why they gave this guy the best blowjob he had ever received in his life. The mistresses then had him cum in their mouth. But they did not want to swallow it. Instead of swallowing, the mistresses got the guy to open his mouth and they spat into it and he had a taste of his own cum.

Mistress Tiffany wanted this guy to jerk off and he could not do anything about it other than to do exactly what she wanted. The mistress gave him her spit to use as lube and then she gave him jerk off instructions because she had a plan for how he would even cum. And once he had done so, he was asked to eat his own cum and he did.

Mistress Tiffany was not happy to learn that her slave had messed up the work that she had given him. She was not going to let him get away with it so she punished him in a very unusual manner. She got him to wax his carrot and when he was done, she got him to eat the cum. He was shocked and humiliated but he did it since it was not optional.

Tiffany is a hot mistress but also a weird one. She likes to make guys do things they had never thought of doing. Today she teased this guy and he thought she wanted to fuck him. But he was surprised when she made him eat someone's cum. She had a used condom which she made him drink as she watched. She warned him against failing to comply with her orders.

Mistress Tiffany loves to give people instructions. She is a bossy mistress and that is why she loves to give cum instructions. She likes to control people and that is one way she found that is easy to control people because they think they are having fun with her while in fact she was humiliating them. She made this do crazy things to himself and all this while she was having fun at his expense.

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