Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

Princess Melanie did not want this guy to know that he had eaten another man's cum. She had turned it into a drink and added some liquor and it disguised the taste. She made fun of him days later and told him what he had drank. And the guy was so pissed that he felt like puking but it was too late and he could not change anything. He told the mistress to be ready for her revenge.

Princess Melanie wanted to test whether her flirting and teasing prowess could make a guy eat another man's cum. She was dying to try it and see if she was indeed that captivating and that alluring as well as whether she was that enticing. So she teased this guy and enjoyed telling him naughty things. And when she felt she had him where she wanted, she had the guy eat another man's cum. He did not want but he did it for her.

Mistress Harley had a deal with this guy. He had to eat the cum she had and she would consider having sex with him. The guy took one look at her hot body and he knew he would eat the cum. It was another man's cum but he did not care. He drank it and when he was done, he did not waste any time fucking her like she deserved to be fucked.

This guy tried to mess with this mistress and he regretted it immediately as she used her cum eating fetish to dominate him. The mistress got him to eat another man's cum and he had to do it from a used condom. He had never been as humiliated as he was that day. The mistress laughed at him and she told him to know who to mess with and who not to mess with.

This guy was having a hard time cumming from his masturbation and he needed something to help him finish things off. This mistress knew that he had a thing for her so she showed off her hot ass and her puss. She even showed him her asshole and she did not need to do any more. He was super turned on and as he stroked his dick, he came within minutes. And when she asked him to eat the cum, he did without question.

This mistress felt that this guy would make a perfect puppet for her so she took advantage of his crush on her to have fun at his expense. What she wanted him to do was to eat his own cum so she teased him a little with her tits and he was turned on. He found himself doing all the things that she asked him without him. He was powerless against her and she had fun manipulating him.

This mistress wanted her slave to eat cum. She did not do it as punishment but rather because she was curious and she wanted him to do it. So she teased him and she got him turned on then she got him to believe that if he ate his own cum, she would fuck him. But instead of fucking him, she gave him a blowjob and told him that was enough.

This mistress knows how to punish without touching someone. Today was the turn of this guy to be dominated as well as humiliated. The mistress wanted the guy to eat cum and so she gave him cum eating instructions which he had to follow to the letter. He was under strict instructions to do all that she wanted and he did it as he was scared of what she would do to him if he did not.

This mistress was pissed by her slave to the extent that she wanted him to eat cum. And she did not even make him eat his own cum. She made him eat another man's cum from a used condom. This was done so that he realized he was not messing with an ordinary mistress but rather an angry and a disappointed one who was going to stop at nothing to ensure he learned his lesson.

Mistress Jane had a client who had a partner who had a fetish for eating cum and wanted his cum eaten and swallowed. But her client had never done so and was uncomfortable with the whole thing. However, the client wanted to give it a try and so mistress Jane coached the client on how to do it and even came with a sample for the client to try with.

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