Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

Mistress KittyDevine did not want to sleep with this guy who had a crush on her. He was persistent and she felt like she could have fun at his expense. So she had him over at her place. She then teased him and she turned him on. He tried to get close to her but she told him to stay where he was. She gave him jerk off instructions and she got him to cum. When he was done, she degraded him by making him eat his own cum.

Mistress Taylor loves to give out instructions. These instructions can be about anything. Today she got bored and she chose to try something different. She called this loser and she gave him cum eating instructions. For him, she did not bother to make him eat someone else's cum. She made him eat his own cum. She teased him, made him jerk off and when he came, she got him to eat his own cum.

This mistress was not in the mood to have sex. Her boyfriend was. She thought about it and settled for teasing him and making him cum. She is great at it and she got him to cum. While she was giving him jerk off instructions, she wondered how come she had swallowed his cum but he had never swallowed his own cum. So she got him to do it today.

Mistress Harley had only one item left in her bucket list. She wanted to make a guy eat his own cum so she teased this guy with her gorgeous body, her big tits, her big ass, and her flat stomach. She also talked to him seductively and the guy had a crazy hardon. She gave him jerk off instructions and she got him to cum. She then had him eat his own cum.

Mistress Tiffany was not happy to learn that her slave had messed up the work that she had given him. She was not going to let him get away with it so she punished him in a very unusual manner. She got him to wax his carrot and when he was done, she got him to eat the cum. He was shocked and humiliated but he did it since it was not optional.

Mistress Lindsey Leigh was going through her bucket list and she realized she had never made a guy eat his own cum. It was one of the easy things she had not yet done and she decided to do it that same day. She teased a guy online and he went to her house knowing he was going to have a wild time with her. It was a wild time alright, but not the kind he had in mind. He did not sleep with her but he swallowed his own cum.

When it comes to crazy fun, this mistress is one of the best in the game. She wanted to make her boss do some crazy things. She wanted a raise and she got it by doing some crazy things with him. She did not fuck him. All she did was to turn him on, make him jerk off and then make him swallow his own cum. He had a lot of fun and he gave her the raise and a transfer so that they would not meet.

Mistress Kitty Devine was not going to forgive this loser for saying crazy and untrue things about her. She had to make sure he apologized and withdrew the remarks he had made. She achieved this by forcing the loser to eat his own cum. She had teased him and made him masturbate to her instructions. Once he had cum, she forced him to eat his own cum and he had no choice.

Mistress Taylor was on a mission to humiliate this guy without him knowing. He looked uptight and he was also very proud and she wanted to loosen him a little. She did not want to fuck him but she knew she could make him do things he had never done before. She teased him and she got him turned on. She then made him jerk off to her instructions and finally had him eat his own cum.

Mistress Emily Jones has a gorgeous ass and she is not afraid to use it for her own enjoyment. She enjoys making guys do things and today she made this guy eat his own cum. This is after she had teased him and got him to jerk off. She told him if he did not eat it, she would make him eat another man's cum. He ate his own to avoid eating someone else's.

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