Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

Mistress Saida is out to make money and most of the time she does not care what she feels or what happens. She is only interested in how much money she can make as it enables her to live a good life where she can do anything or go anywhere she wants without any worries. So today she used her cum eating instructions to make money off this guy and she got a tidy sum.

Mistress Isabella wanted to make this guy wish he had never pissed her off. She had seen him enjoying the fact that he had angered her and messed with her. She was not pleased and did not want it to be a thing. So she brutally forced this loser to eat another man's cum. She had come with the used condom the other man had poured his seed into and he drank it from the used condom.

Mistress Enola was not sure what to do with this slave as she had tried her best to educate him on what she wanted him to do but he did not seem to want to change. So she sent him a cruel message by forcing him to lick her feet as well as to use her jerk off instructions to cum and after he had gotten his orgasm, he had to eat his own cum.

Goddess Andreea is the kind of person who loves to punish and do it in a cruel way so that it is never forgotten. That is why the mistress made these two losers suck each other's dicks even though they were both straight and to make it even worse, she made sure they came into each other's mouth and each one of them was obligated to swallow the cum in their mouth.

Lady Despina loves to do crazy things and that is why she used her cum eating instruction to humiliate and torture this loser. The mistress was very interested in all of that as she was bored and humiliating him was to make him learn his lesson as well as to enable her have fun. The guy could not do anything about the humiliation he went through and he had to endure everything.

Mistress Andreea does not forgive or forget when someone pisses her off. That is why she had to punish this guy for pissing her off. The mistress went ahead to force the losers to eat their own cum. But that was after she had used her strapon to fuck them in the ass. They learned their lesson the hard way and never messed with her again because they knew what she was capable of.

Mistress Gaia and her friend wanted to dominate their slaves and that is why they chose cum eating instructions. The mistresses went out of their way to make the guys regret why the angered them. The mistresses gave them cum instructions which they used to cum. But at the point of cumming, they had to cum on the face of the other slave who was required to eat the cum then they switched roles.

Mistress Enola was interested in teaching this guy a lesson he had never been taught before. And that is why she felt that she had to use cum eating to punish him. The mistress got the guy to lick his own cum after she had given him instructions on what to do. She shocked him to the core and he learned his lesson the hard way and never messed again.

Princess Melanie has a body that is to die for. She has perfect and firm tits. They are not too big and not too small either. She has an ass you see and want to lick, eat and smash. And she is naughty to boot. That is why she found it easy to turn this guy on and have him jerk off. Once he had cum, she had him eat his own cum.

Princess Melanie likes to do crazy and naughty things and today was not an exception. She taught this guy how to jerk off as she teased him with her hot ass and the guy was so into what she did that he could not help but do what she asked. And after he came, she chased him away and told him that her work was done. He went away with a smile on his face

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