Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

Mistress Harley is a gorgeous girl. She has a banging body and she loves to show it off. She does it for fun and for financial femdom. Today she wanted to try something she had never tried before. She teased this guy and she had him cum to her instructions. But that was not all. She made him eat his own cum. He had to eat it all before she let him go.

Mistress Ava Black was not happy with what this loser had done. She called her friend and together they asked him why he had done it. He did not have any good reason for what he had done. So the mistresses teased him and made him jerk off to their instructions. He thought they had forgiven him but the mistresses made him eat his own cum. He had to lick it and chew it.

Goddess January was not happy to learn that this loser had said bad things about her. She did not want to encourage that sort of behavior from a dependant of hers so she punished him by making him drink her saliva. She spat into his face and she even brushed her teeth and spat into his mouth. He had no choice but to swallow her spit. She told him never to do it again.

Tiffany is a hot mistress but also a weird one. She likes to make guys do things they had never thought of doing. Today she teased this guy and he thought she wanted to fuck him. But he was surprised when she made him eat someone's cum. She had a used condom which she made him drink as she watched. She warned him against failing to comply with her orders.

Mistress Lindsey Leigh wanted to test her sexiness. She knew she was sexy but she wanted to find out whether she was the kind of sexy that could make a guy do what he did not want without forcing him to do it. So she teased this guy and she turned him on. Then she asked him to eat his own cum and the guy was so into her that he did.

Goddess Saffron wanted to test her hypnosis skills. She used them to hypnotize this guy and it worked. She took it a step further by asking him to eat his own cum. She made him believe it was food and the poor guy ate it all and licked his fingers because while she controlled him, she made him believe it was delicious. Then she wiped it from his memory when he was done.

Mistress Lisa Jordan was feeling naughty. She had never tried cum eating instruction fetish before. So she was excited to try it. She knew this guy could not suck his own cock but she wanted him to taste and even eat his own cum. She used her seductive moves to tease him and make him jerk off and when he had just cum, she got him to eat it while it was still hot.

This mistress wanted to test her slave's obedience. So she called him to where she was seated. She had a condom in hand and it had cum. She asked him to lick the cum and he refused. One look at him and he knew he was screwed and he rushed to eat it quickly because he knew what would follow that would be worse than being made to eat cum.

Mistress Taylor wanted to test how kinky this guy was. She is one mistress who does not mess with someone who is not as kinky as she is. This guy checked all the right boxes and only one remained. So she teased him and made him masturbate. Then she asked him to eat his own cum and he did. That was when she realized that the two of them would get along great.

This mistress felt naughty and she wanted to do some naughty things. But she could not do them alone so she called this guy to her place and they had fun together. It was all good till she had him eat his own cum. He had never imagined he could do it but she made sure he did. She had made him jerk off and then forced him to eat it.

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