Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

This mistress is always naughty and today the recipient of her naughtiness was her slave. She teased him and showed him her tits and her curvy and sexy ass. He loved everything and had the hardest hardon he has ever had in his life. As she played with her pussy, she got discharge and a mixture of her cum in her panties which she gave her slave to lick and eat.

Lady Shay wanted to reward this guy with cum and so she gave him jerk off instructions. He did not get the benefit of being able to check out her sexy body or seeing her naked. So he had to work with what she told him and be imaginative about it. After he came, the mistress asked him to eat his own cum and he did it as he had no choice.

Goddess Corinna has an amazing butt and she caught her slave checking it out and she could tell he was turned on. So she took advantage of that to tease him and she had him jerk off to her instructions. After he came, she also gave him instructions on how he would eat his own cum and he did. She loved it and knew she would do it again to someone else.

Mistress Emilia wanted to see a guy eat a combination of her cream as she was a creamer and his own cum. So she teased this guy and drove him wild. She then fucked him but she did not let him cum. Instead, she had him pull out before he came and she had already creamed. So she had him eat both of them and she had him tell her how it tasted.

This mistress has big tits and she likes to show them off. She is also a naughty girl and she knows how to use her kinkiness to get guys to have fun and to want to do some crazy things with her. So today the mistress had the guy watch as she teased him while playing with her pussy and her tits. She then gave him cum instructions and he followed them.

Lady Ashley had to make her ex regret why he had cheated on her. She waited until he wanted her back because she knew he would and then she made him eat another man's cum. And he had to do it from a used condom. He was shocked at what she did to him but she did not care and she was satisfied with what she had done to him.

Goddess Nika is never afraid of trying new things with and on her husband. She found out about cum eating instruction today and she wanted to give it a try and naturally she had to do it on her husband. So she drove him wild with desire and she teased him with her sexy ass and her inviting holes. He wanted her but instead, she made him jerk off to her instructions and he had to also eat his own cum.

Goddess Kiffa does not like to be ignored and when this guy did it, he had himself to blame as she did not let him get away with what he had done. He was made to lick her feet which were dirty and when he was done, the mistress forced him to eat his own cum. He ate the cum after she had gotten him to jerk off and cum.

Goddess Nika was shocked to learn that this guy was a cum eater. And she had to find out for herself whether it was true. So she had the guy eat cum as she watched. She even teased him with her pussy to make it easier for him to do it. When he finally did it, she could not believe that he had done it. She then chased him from her house as he was a weirdo.

Mistress Gaia did not like how this slave acted and she had to punish him so that he would learn not to do it. In addition, the mistress wanted him to serve as an example for the other people who wanted to piss her off or do things she would not like. She had him eat his own cum and she recorded it. She had her friends there as well to help her.

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