Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

Goddess Yasemin wanted this guy to eat his own cum and so she first of all gave him cum eating instructions and when he had understood them, she gave him jerk off instructions. He followed them until he came after which he went ahead to eat his own cum. The mistress laughed at the expression he had on his face as he ate his own cum. She wondered what expression he would have if he ate someone else's cum.

Mistress Mayhem like her name suggests, loves to cause mayhem and she was at it again today. The mistress wanted someone to eat cum from a used condom but since she had not been pissed by anyone, she felt it was only fair that the guy who ate it would be paid. So she paid a guy who was so broke that he agreed to do it. She sat down and gave him cum eating instructions.

Goddess Nika wanted these guys to eat their own cum. And she gave them instructions to that effect. But instead of them doing everything as she continued giving instructions, she gave them the instructions and when she was done, she asked them to implement them. So they had to remember what she told them as they jerked off and when they were done, they ate their own cum. She told them next time they would each other's cum.

Lady Shay had two men and instead of giving them jerk off instructions, she did it even better and she gave them cum eating instructions. They had to suck each other and the oral sex she gave them helped them to cum but it was a tough ask for them as they were both straight. They did it out of fear of what she would do to them if they did not do what she ordered them.

Mistress Palina knew that if she described what her feet could do to the slave, he would be scared and he would do whatever she wanted. That is exactly what she did to him. The mistress narrated how she could beat the shit out of him and he was indeed scared. Besides that, the mistress asked him to jerk off and eat his own cum and he obeyed her instructions.

Mistress Tiffany wanted this guy to jerk off and he could not do anything about it other than to do exactly what she wanted. The mistress gave him her spit to use as lube and then she gave him jerk off instructions because she had a plan for how he would even cum. And once he had done so, he was asked to eat his own cum and he did.

Goddess Kiffa was interested in killing boredom and she did it by forcing this guy to eat his own cum. But the mistress did not tease him to make him do it. She only had him lick her feet while she was lying on the couch. That way, he knew he would be punished if he messed with the mistress. He had to use his imagination and her instructions to cum and then eat it.

Madame Svea was interested in trying something new without her physically making someone do something. That is how she found herself making this guy eat his own cum. She made it look like a very naughty thing and one that would make her get wet. And she did this while she teased and flirted. The guy bought the lie and he did it as the mistress enjoyed seeing him do it.

Mistress Emily is the kind of person who likes to do crazy things and today was no exception. The mistress had beef with this guy and she felt that she had to teach him a lesson and that is exactly what she did. The mistress forced this guy to eat her boyfriend's cum which was still in a used condom. It was degrading but the guy had no option other than doing what she ordered him to do.

Mistress Dana wanted to torture her ex and she used her cum eating fetish to torture him. She wanted to make sure he was degraded like never before and so she made her ex eat another man's cum. She poured it into a cup and she had him lick it and eat it. All this while she was teasing him but she also denied him so he was left high and dry.

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