Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

Goddess Kiffa knew that eating another man's cum was a degrading thing and that is what she made this loser to do. The mistress was so angry at him that she wanted him to learn a cruel and humiliating lesson and that is why she had him do it. He was shocked but he did what she asked as he knew if he did not, the punishment could be worse.

Mistress Saida wanted this guy to learn to eat cum because he was a sissy and she used a dildo to show him how it was done. He thought she was joking but she was not because when she was done showing how she wanted it to be done, she went ahead to ask him to do it. She even had a used condom which had cum for him to drink.

Goddess Nika was shocked to learn that her slave had eyes on him and he wanted to have fun with her in the form of fucking her. She did not want him to ever have such a thought and that is why she came with a used condom and she forced him to drink the contents. He was degraded but he knew better than to expect to have sex with her.

Goddess Kiffa was fed up with this guy's bullying. He did not bully her but he bullied others and she was not ok with that. She felt that he had to pay for his crimes so that he would stop being a bully. So she used a used condom to dominate and degrade him. She forced him to drink the cum in the used condom and that is how he learned his lesson and stopped bullying.

This guy was too uptight and he needed to loosen up a little bit. Goddess Yasemin liked him and felt that she could help him a little bit and that is what she did as she turned him on and then gave him jerk off instructions which he used to cum. After he had had an amazing orgasm, she asked him to lick it and eat it and he did out of curiosity.

This guy was interested in fucking this mistress but she did not want that. Instead, she charged him for cum eating instructions. She had left out the eating part until he had cum and then she forced him to eat his own cum. He had already paid her and he could not take it back. And she told him it was part of the package so he was forced to eat the cum.

The minute mistress Gaia realized that this guy had a small dick, she knew that she was not going to have any sex with him. She was just not going to get satisfied as she was used to big ones. And that is why she opted to give him cum eating instructions and he used them to cum. When he was done cumming, she had him eat his own cum.

Mistress Nina felt flattered by the compliments this admirer gave her. He was turned on by her and he was trying to have sex with her but she knew that was out of the question. But she did not tell him that. Instead, she teased him and she put on a show for him then gave him cum eating instructions which he used to cum. He followed the religiously and got the best cum of his life.

This mistress is against bullying and she did not like it when she found out that she lived in the same neighborhood with a bully. He was not remorseful about what he did and she was not going to let him get away with it. So she used her cum eating fetish to punish him. She led him to believe that they would have sex but he ended up jerking off and eating his own cum.

When this mistress realized that she had to punish this guy, she chose to use cum eating because it was the easiest way to humiliate him without inflicting any pain on him. That is why she went out of her way to tease him and dominate him and she was able to get what she wanted. He thought it would go one way but it went a totally different way.

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