Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

This mistress had never seen a man eat his own cum and she was interested in it. So she had to make this guy eat it and she recorded what went down so that she would enjoy it later. The mistress teased him with her hot ass and her tight pussy. He wanted her but instead she gave him jerk off instructions and then had him eat his cum. She did not believe he actually did it.

Mistress Amelia and her boyfriend wanted to have fun in the house. It was snowing outside and no one wanted to get out. So they did what they do best and they decided to be naughty. She went first and she teased her man and she gave him jerk off instructions so that he could cum and then eat his own cum still as per her instructions. It was actually a lot more fun than they had anticipated it to be.

This guy was a fan of mistress Amelia and he wrote to her and asked her to surprise him on his birthday. He expected a letter or a shoutout but instead she invited him to her house where he was given jerk off instructions after which he was made to eat his cum. He loved every bit of it as he was able to see her up close and almost naked.

Mistress Amelia did not want to please this client the way others did. He was a high value client and he had seen it all. So she did hers differently by turning him on. He loved her hot body and he thought he would get to fuck her for free like she did with others but not give them business. But she shocked him when she gave him herk off instructions while teasing him and then made him eat his own cum. He was shocked and knew she was different. He gave her the business.

Mistress Amelia knows that it is easy to make a guy eat his own cum than it is to make him eat another man's cum. And she also likes to personalize her stuff so that she makes it look as if it is mutual fun when in reality, it is not. All she does is to have fun at the expense of the guys by making them do things she wants.

Mistress Ellie loves to have fun and when she is not at work, she does not care about anyone's status. When her boss tried to hit on her, she did not care that he was her boss. She treated him like she does all other men and she gave him jerk off instructions which he used to cum and then got him to eat that cum. But he did not fuck her.

Mistress Amelia has a thing for humiliating guys in authority and those who are successful. She loves to use her hot body and her naughtiness to achieve it. And what usually gives her more power to do so is the fact that she never wants anything from them. So they do not view her as a gold digger. She is fun to be around and this makes them fall for her tricks. Today she made her landlord eat his own cum after she teased him and made him jerk off.

Mistress Ellie is a naughty girl. She loves being a bad girl sexually and so today she tricked this guy into jerking off as she teased him and she also had him eat his own cum. She made it look like doing so made her horny and he would get a chance to smash her but it never happened. The naughty and kinky mistress was just having fun at his expense.

Mistress Amelia knew that she needed to torture as well as humiliate this loser and she chose to use cum eating instruction to do it. So she sat him down and she explained to him what was going to happen. And she slapped him to make sure he understood what she said and that he was not dreaming. Then she went ahead to tease him and give him jerk off and cum eating instructions which he used to do what she wanted.

Mistress Ellie wanted this guy to eat cum so she had to show him how to jerk off to her instructions first because he had to cum and it was not going to be through having sex with her. That is why she had him jerk off and after he came, then he had to eat it the way she had shown him. She had fun watching him do it all.

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