Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

Goddess Jordan Black wanted to humiliate her slave for fun. She did not want to have to wait until he had messed up for her to dominate him. She wanted to make him eat his own cum. At least he was going to cum and that meant he was going to have a little fun. So she gave him jerk off instructions and he came. He had had fun up to that point. But he was horrified when she asked him to eat his cum. He did.

Goddess Amira felt that her slave had not been honest with her and as his punishment, she wanted him to eat his own cum. She did not even bother to tease him with her naked body or in sexy lingerie. She was fully clothed but she made some sexy moves for him and she let him use her cleavage to imagine other things and carry out her cum instructions. She then made him eat his own cum when he came.

Empress Viktoriya wanted her slave to eat his own cum as punishment so she wore sexy lingerie and she teased him. He had never seen her that way before and he was so turned on. He was nearly cumming yet she had not done anything to him. She asked him to jerk off to her instructions and he came within a few minutes. She also got him to eat his own cum.

Goddess Amira was not amused by how small this guy's dick was. He wanted to fuck her and yet he had this small dick. She could not let herself get disappointed so she teased him with her big tits and her sexy ass and she had him jerk off. She then got him to eat his own cum for having a small dick and told him not to bother her again.

Goddess Bianca looked down on this guy but he did not know how or how much She chose to show him today. She started by teasing him and she got him to jerk off to her instructions. She made them demeaning but he did not notice. She then got him to eat his own cum when he was done jerking off. And that was when he noticed it was not intended for fun but for humiliation.

Mistress Rousson loves to give guys jerk off instructions. That is the best she can do to them because she cannot fuck most of them. But she has to have something in it for her and this time she got this guy to eat his own cum after she had gotten him to cum using her joi. She degraded the guy cruelly and had fun doing it. He enjoyed the jerk off part but not the cum eating bit.

Goddess Amira wanted this loser to learn a lesson so she degraded him for fun while teaching him that lesson. She used her feet to humiliate him and when she was done with him, she had the poor guy jerk off. Once he had done, she watched as he ate his own cum. She gave him instructions on how to do it and he followed the instructions to the letter.

Mistress Redhead wanted her slave to eat his own cum. And before she got him to do it, she had him lick the floor, lick the soles of her shoes as well as lick her stinky feet. She was not done with him yet as she slapped him brutally. She then asked him to jerk off and when he had cum, she asked him to eat his own cum. He did.

Goddess Jordan Black loves to ride a dildo. But today she was not using it on herself. She used it to play with this loser and humiliate him. She had him jerk off to her instructions and when he had cum, she made him eat his own cum. She made him cum in a condom and then she showed him how she wanted him to suck the cum out of the condom.

Mistress Harley is a naughty girl. She is blessed with a big ass and equally big tits. She loves big things and that is why she has a big dildo. But today was not about her. It was about this loser she wanted to humiliate. He had a crush on her and she helped him cum by teasing him and giving him jerk off instructions. Once he had cum, she also gave him cum eating instructions.

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