Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

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This guy did not want to agree to what mistress Isabella was doing. So she used her cum eating instructions to do it. She forced him to not only agree to what she wanted, but he had to also avoid pissing her off as it would lead to him being punished in a way he never expected would be possible. He did his best to avoid the issues and avoid another punishment.

Mistress Isabella wanted to make this guy wish he had never pissed her off. She had seen him enjoying the fact that he had angered her and messed with her. She was not pleased and did not want it to be a thing. So she brutally forced this loser to eat another man's cum. She had come with the used condom the other man had poured his seed into and he drank it from the used condom.

Mistress Isabella loves to make guys do naughty things. And sometimes she likes to make them do things which are humiliating to them and they have no choice but to do them. That is what happened today when the mistress had this guy eat another man's cum from a used condom and she even recorded it all. She had fucked another man and she came with the used condom for the loser to eat.

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