Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

All articles tagged with "Teasing"

Mistress Ellie is a naughty girl. She loves being a bad girl sexually and so today she tricked this guy into jerking off as she teased him and she also had him eat his own cum. She made it look like doing so made her horny and he would get a chance to smash her but it never happened. The naughty and kinky mistress was just having fun at his expense.

Madame Svea was interested in trying something new without her physically making someone do something. That is how she found herself making this guy eat his own cum. She made it look like a very naughty thing and one that would make her get wet. And she did this while she teased and flirted. The guy bought the lie and he did it as the mistress enjoyed seeing him do it.

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