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This mistress fucked a guy who came in her pussy and she did not bother to clean herself up. She summoned this guy and she made him eat her pussy out and he had to eat the cum that the other guy had left in her pussy. It was not optional and the guy did as he was instructed as he knew there would be consequences if he refused to eat it.

This guy had never had fun with a hot girl before. Goddess Nika could see how he was mesmerized by her and she felt she had to do something. The mistress teased him a little and showed off her hot tits and her sexy ass. He was so horny that he nearly came just by looking at her naked body. But she gave him jerk off instructions and asked him to eat his cum. He did so happily.

Mistress Lola knows that not everyone is able to get a girl like her. And whenever she meets such people and she is in the mood for it, she loves to tease them and make them jerk off to her instructions. It is always a great time for them because it is naughty and they get to see her hot body and get teased by a hot and naughty girl. Today she went ahead to make them even eat their own cum.

Lady Stefanie was angered when she learned that her ex had been defaming her and all the things he said about her were false and fabricated. She had to put a stop to that nonsense as she cared about her reputation. So she used her cum eating fetish to do it. The guy had to be forced to lick her heels before he was made to drink cum from a used condom belonging to someone else.

Lady Shay wanted to make this guy eat cum and so she tricked him into thinking that it was her fetish and that it is what made her feel sexy and horny. So he did it thinking that she would do some nasty things to him but she did not. She just wanted to dominate him for her own fun and that is what she did to him and she laughed at him when he was done.

Goddess Kiffa did not want to give her ex any chance to mess with her. She did not want to give him any space at all and she used her cum eating instructions to dominate him. The mistress made him jerk off then eat his own cum and was warned that he would be made to eat another man's cum. She did it to degrade him and teach him a lesson like he had never been taught and humiliated before. He learned his lesson and he stopped bothering the mistress.

Mistress Harley had this guy ogle at her big tits when she teased him with them. And she had him so turned on that he could not avoid to cum. And to make it worse, she gave him jerk off instructions and she had fun watching him enjoy himself. And that was when she made him eat his own cum. She forced him to do it and had fun watching him eat it.

Miss Madison loves to make guys do things to entertain her and today she wanted to be entertained by watching guys eating own cum. The mistress recorded her cum eating instructions and she gave the guys to watch and do what she told them to do as she sat back and enjoyed everything as it happened. It was actually more fun than she had thought it was going to be.

Lady Stefanie could tell that this guy was naughty and that he was hiding it or he did not even know that he was that way. He had done something good and it was up to her to reward him and she chose to do it with her cum eating instructions. She showed off her big tits and she had him jerk off then eat his own cum at the end.

Mistress Tiffany wanted this guy to jerk off and he could not do anything about it other than to do exactly what she wanted. The mistress gave him her spit to use as lube and then she gave him jerk off instructions because she had a plan for how he would even cum. And once he had done so, he was asked to eat his own cum and he did.

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