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Goddess Jordan Black loves to ride a dildo. But today she was not using it on herself. She used it to play with this loser and humiliate him. She had him jerk off to her instructions and when he had cum, she made him eat his own cum. She made him cum in a condom and then she showed him how she wanted him to suck the cum out of the condom.

This mistress knew this guy did not get a lot of female attention so she resorted to making some money from him. She gave him her attention and she teased him. She got him to jerk off to her instructions because she could not fuck him. And for fun, she made him eat his own cum. She gave him instructions to that effect and he followed them to the letter. He paid her for her troubles.

Mistress Ava Black wanted to punish her slave using a different method. She was afraid he would get used to the way she punished him and that would make her punishments less effective. When she was punishing him today, she used a total different punishment and he was shocked. He expected pain but she gave him cum eating instructions which he had to follow to the letter after he had jerked off.

Mistress Ava does not shy away from doing what she wants. She loves to try cruel things at the expense of losers and slaves and today was one such time. She wanted this guy to eat cum and she did not mind whether it was his own cum or it was someone else's cum. She gave him a choice and he opted to eat his own cum. So she watched him jerk off to her instructions and subsequently eat the cum.

Mistress Harley wanted to test this guy. She knew he was into her big tits and her big ass. She knew how to use them to make a man have carnal urges he had never felt before. But she did not want to satisfy those desires. She wanted to humiliate. So she used her gorgeous body to tease this guy and that was the easy part. Once he was horny, she got him to eat someone else's cum and pretended that it made her horny to see him do it.

Mistress Ava Black was not happy with what this loser had done. She called her friend and together they asked him why he had done it. He did not have any good reason for what he had done. So the mistresses teased him and made him jerk off to their instructions. He thought they had forgiven him but the mistresses made him eat his own cum. He had to lick it and chew it.

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