Cum Eating Instructions

Hot dominatrixes instruct you to eat cum!

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This mistress wanted to test her slave's obedience. So she called him to where she was seated. She had a condom in hand and it had cum. She asked him to lick the cum and he refused. One look at him and he knew he was screwed and he rushed to eat it quickly because he knew what would follow that would be worse than being made to eat cum.

Mistress Kira and this guy were enemies. She had to revenge on something he had done to her. She had sex with her boyfriend using a condom and she took the condom and she used to torture and degrade her enemy. She forced him to eat the cum inside the condom or else she would crush his balls with her high heels. He chose to eat the cum to avoid ballbusting.

This mistress wanted to force this loser to do what she wanted. She had never seen a man eat cum and she wanted to witness it today. She used her sexy charm to tease the guy and to control him. She gained total control over him as he was horny. And then she got him to eat the cum and not only eat it, but also do it according to her instructions.

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